Asset Management

Kuranga and Associates Limited Asset Management division, aims to grow wealth while achieving a positive social impact through socially responsible investing (SRI). The division has commenced is a 50 million dollar scheme for Nigeria specializing in SMEs. In conjunction with this the division has developed an incubator, Ile Kuranga, in Lagos Nigeria to provide vital support to start-ups and SMEs. Ile Kuranga is a 60,000 square foot facility in the Lagos Island Marina, housing some of the regions fastest growing start-ups. SMEs have a vital role to play in developing economies as they account for a large percentage of the overall growth in the economy. For a myriad of reasons access to credit and general overhead operational expenses are major obstacle for talented entrepreneurs across Africa. The goal of Kuranga and Associates Limited incubator is to help remove these obstacle for talented African entrepreneurs starting in Nigeria. Many of the emerging investment opportunities in Nigeria are privately owned businesses and are not traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Because of this most of these investments are not readily accessible to international capital. The Kuranga and Associates Asset Management division is to acts as a vehicle linking international capital with promising investment opportunities. The Private Placement Memorandum is available upon request.

For details contact Managing Director David Kuranga | Email: | Phone: 212.363.0936